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Welcome to the internet home of Pape & Chandler, P.A.-a law firm that is dedicated to representing people who have been hurt in motorcycle accidents.

We pride ourselves on the personal service that we deliver to every client. If you had a dime for every time you heard that, you'd have a garbage bag full of dimes. You regularly hear attorneys on television or in print give lip service to the ideal of “personal service.” Yet when you call most attorneys' offices you have to go through a maze of secretaries or legal assistants before you can speak with the attorney if you get to speak with him at all. Too many attorneys insulate themselves from their clients; they do their clients a disservice by handing their cases to secretaries, legal assistants and young associates fresh out of law school.

When you hire Pape & Chandler, you hire John Pape and Marc Chandler. We refuse to water down our legal product by hiring a gaggle of assistants. We have to work harder because we do everything ourselves. But we have determined that there is no better way to deliver quality representation to our clients than by taking such a thoroughly hands-on approach. When you call Pape & Chandler, either John Pape or Marc Chandler will pick up the telephone. It could be the first time you call or the 301st time you call. If our office is open, you will talk to us every time. We will personally handle every single aspect of your case from the minute you hire us through the jury trial, if a trial is necessary.

Beware the attorney who assumes that he's dignified and professional merely because he sports a neat little newscaster hairdo, sleeps in a business suit and works for or represents large corporations. You know the type of stuffed shirt we're talking about. Professionalism and dignity are not products of such superficial nonsense. Some of the most dignified, loyal and trustworthy people we know haven't worn a suit in years and have long hair and multiple tattoos. At Pape & Chandler, we believe that dignity and professionalism are qualities that you have to earn like a soldier earns his stripes. As attorneys we earn those traits by how well we treat our clients, how loyal we are to them and how tenaciously we work on their behalf. We earn those traits by being fully and completely prepared every time we represent a client's interests inside or outside of the courtroom. We don't assume that graduating law school and passing the bar exam automatically imbues in us the qualities that smart clients should seek in their attorneys—loyalty, tenacity, commitment, and preparation. We have earned those characteristics one client at a time over the course of our combined 20-plus years of legal practice.

We have dedicated our practice to the pursuit of justice for people who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. We chose this pursuit because we ride motorcycles, are aware of the dangers riders face on the streets of Florida, and we want to make sure that fellow motorcyclists receive the best possible legal representation when they've been injured in an accident. We achieve this objective through tireless preparation, devotion to our clients and their cases, and our willingness to fight for our clients' best interests, while all the time maintaining the highest level of integrity, and respect for the legal system and the participants in it. If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident, call us at call us at 1 888 4MOTOLAW or e-mail us for a free consultation.